Sailing Into The Sunset

A WaveRadar REX² unit, capable of measuring highly-accurate wave data whilst consuming very little power, has been installed on the latest Celebrity Cruises Edge® series ship, the Celebrity Beyond. The epic vessel weighs in at 140,000 tones and measures 1073 feet (around 327 meters). It is the third ship in the “Edge” Series and the largest of all.

Currently anchored at Southampton Harbour, the cruise ship will be setting off on its maiden voyage the evening of 27th April, making its way to Barcelona before heading off to the Carribean in the autumn.

Wave Measurement on Board

The WaveRadar REX2 is a downward-facing microwave radar system that delivers exceptionally high-quality wave parameters in the immediate vicinity of the ship. It provides direct measurement of ocean waves in real-time, providing reliable wave intelligence to the bridge, the technical teams, and any other stakeholders. The real-time data retrieved, serves to inform logistic and operational decisions on board. Due to the REXinternationally recognized hazardous zone certifications, it is perfectly suited for the long journeys ahead of Celebrity Beyond.

While this may be the first REX2 to be installed on a Celebrity liner, it is actually the seventh REX WaveRadar system installed on a cruise liner. Previous installations include three other Celebrity liners and three of the Royal Caribbean cruise fleet, which rely on the proven reliability of our first-generation WaveRadar systems.

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