We have made it through to August in one of the most uncertain years that most of us remember. The coronavirus pandemic has hindered businesses across the globe. RS Aqua are proud to have continued to assist and provide for our customers throughout this time. Customer service has not changed since the virus emerged, even with most of our team working remotely from home. Collaborative problem solving and innovation has also continued across the team, thanks largely to software tools. We have also been able to have the occasional meetings in outdoor green spaces or the beaches near our office.

One way in which we have consistently supported our clients is by continuing to provide spare parts and calibrations for the network of Waverider buoys. The wave buoys monitor our seas, providing essential wave and weather forecasting data in real time to UK Government Agencies, Port Authorities, and private enterprises alike. Since the beginning of lockdown in March, we have performed calibrations and hatch upgrades on 18 buoys. We work in close collaboration with Datawell to keep these buoys well maintained and back out in the ocean. Additionally, we have fulfilled numerous orders for spare parts and consumables. This allows our customers to keep using their buoys without having to send them away for repairs.

We have adapted the ways in which we deliver our services. A maximum of two members of staff man our workshop at a time. These measures were taken to maintain social distancing and adhere to sanitation rules at all times.

RS Aqua look forward to the day when we can fully support our colleagues and customers in a traditional face-to-face environment. Until then we will continue to make sure all their needs and requests are met at the highest level.

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