Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) occur when algal colonies grow extensively under the right conditions. These HAB’s can produce toxins that can be detrimental to fish, marine mammals, birds and even humans. They can also alter parameters that are crucial to aquatic life, like dissolved oxygen and light penetration. A reliable and cost effective early detection system for HABs is something researchers have been trying to develop for many years.

Identifying different algal groups within a planktonic community is important as some of these may be toxic and lead to HABs, particularly cyanobacteria. Turner Designs have developed the PhytoFind to quickly estimate the abundance of different algal groups.

The PhytoFind is an in situ algal classification tool that can distinguish algal groups and estimate their abundance in real time. It is field ready, requires no calibration and is incredibly stable and reliable over time.

At RS Aqua we think the PhytoFind will prove to be important tool for early HAB detection.

The video below explains everything you need to know about the PhytoFind.

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