In March 2020, RS Aqua launched the WaveRadar REX², the successor of the legacy WaveRadar REX sensor. The original sensor proved itself to be a successful, robust and highly accurate product which is still going strong after 20 years and over 900 deployments. As innovation is a key value at RS Aqua, we are always looking to develop and improve our product range. This led to the development of the smaller, lighter and more accurate version of the sensor, that we believe will see even greater success than it’s predecessor.

Since its launch two months ago, there has been significant early success with the WaveRadar REX². Global system sales are now in double figures, with deployments planned in the Gulf of Mexico, the UK coastline to the Gulf of Mexico and floating vessels.

Managing Director, Martin Stemp states:
“I’m thoroughly impressed with how well our team has executed the launch of the WaveRadar REX2. We always knew it would be difficult launching a new product in a fast-growing market, but to do it whilst home working and without a traditional launch platform shows the commitment and ingenuity of our people. We look forward to working with our customers all around the world and solving their wave measurement problems with the WaveRadar REX².”

For more information on the WaveRadar REX2, please visit:

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