Outside of Datawell Headquarters in the Netherlands, RS Aqua is the only other Service and Calibration Centre for Datawell Waverider Buoys in the world. Our calibration lab was set up by Datawell themselves and we pride ourselves on providing full service and support to the UK and Ireland Waverider network.

Terry Edwards, Technical Director at RS Aqua, notes that
“a typical Waverider service and calibration consists of checking the performance and operation of all the sensors, including vertical and horizontal accelerometers, pitch and roll outputs, compass and sea surface temperature, as well as checking all the mechanical components for wear and tear. The data transmission and storage systems are checked and any firmware updates implemented. Finally, all the O rings and drying agents are replaced before the newly warranted buoy is delivered back to the customer.
Our ability to provide a service that is warranted by (and equal to) that supplied by the manufacturer themselves is testament to the longstanding relationship with Datawell over many years and this continues to evolve in terms of our capabilities and the Waverider technology itself.”

RS Aqua’s new premises at Port Solent Marina has a dedicated workspace for Waverider calibration, and that means having room for the large calibration rig. We will be moving the rig down to Port Solent next week and will have our technical services up and running when the move is completed next month.

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