Optimising Ocean Measurements: An Instrumentation Workshop

April 8th, 2019 in Southampton, UK

At RS Aqua we realise that ocean observations, as fundamental and exciting as they are, can also be challenging. We’ve found that those who take the time to become familiar with, care for, and understand the limitations and strengths of their equipment often have the greatest successes in the field. With this in mind, we’d like to invite you to attend and participate in the UK’s first RBR Technical Workshop on ocean sensors and observations. This workshop is a forum to spark interest in understanding oceanographic sensor measurement methods, improving the quality of field data, increasing deployment success rates, and improving the safety of those conducting the observations. We will focus on best practices, practical maintenance, deployment considerations, and a few tips and tricks to help get the most from your equipment. The material covered is applicable to a wide variety of common oceanographic instrumentation.

Focused topics:

  • Sensor technology         
  • Inductive conductivity measurements  
  • Pressure measurements
  • Temperature measurements
  • Optical measurements
  • Technical considerations when selecting a sensor
  • Configuring instruments for deployment
  • Mounting & deployment considerations
  • Data processing
  • Sensor maintenance
  • Wi-Fi and mobile applications

The half-day workshop will be held by RS Aqua and RBR in Southampton on Monday, April 8th, from 1-5 pm, just before the start of Ocean Business. Our audience will include ocean scientists, instrumentation technicians, system integrators, and anyone interested in learning more about selecting the correct oceanographic instrumentation for research, and how it operates, is deployed and maintained. The workshop will be presented by RBR technical staff from Canada and will include time to address your specific questions and applications.

Join RS Aqua and RBR at RBR’s first technical workshop in the UK!

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