Environmental conditions are changing leading to significant shifts in algal populations. An example of this is the noticeable worldwide increase in Harmful Algal Blooms, primarily cyanobacteria. Identifying algal groups within a total phytoplankton population is critical as some groups can be toxic, affecting public health and economies. Turner Designs are excited to introduce several products that facilitate an increased understanding of the composition of algae populations.

The PhytoFind is an in situ algal classification tool that distinguishes among algal groups using specific fluorescence signatures. Real-time abundance estimates are calculated for PE-containing algae (mixed group), PC-containing algae (Cyanophyceae), and total algae (all other algal groups). Calculations include an automatic correction for interference from dissolved organic materials (DOM) providing more accurate real-time estimates. Optics are optimised to minimize interference from turbidity. Abundances are displayed and logged as group percentages along with temperature, depth, and accurate chlorophyll (µg/L) concentrations.

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