Official Launch

The RS-ORCA and RS-HILO underwater noise recorders will be launched by RS Aqua at Oceanology International, London ExCel, 15-17 March 2016.

These highly capable, multi-channel underwater acoustic data acquisition and processing instruments were developed in collaboration with marine acoustic engineers in Nova Scotia, Canada, and are fully supported by RS Aqua’s renowned technical support hub in the UK.

High Specification

The RS-ORCA can be used to record the richest underwater data sets possible, with multi-mode capabilities across all five acoustic channels.  Now you can simultaneously record raw data, ambient noise thresholds and marine mammal detections, in real time. The RS-ORCA can also integrate third party instruments like RBR CTDs and Turner Designs C3 multi-optic fluorometers, for ocean observatory applications.  An open API allows researchers and consultants can use their own acoustic data processing algorithms, in addition to the existing library of signal processing algorithms available with the RS-ORCA, enabling spectral analysis, detections, directional signal processing and more.  The RS-HILO is a smaller dual channel instrument, with extremely broad dynamic range, ultra-low power for long term deployments even at 100% duty cycle, and an affordable price.

The RS-ORCA and RS-HILO complement the range of top specification underwater instrumentation and equipment that RS Aqua already offer, such as RBR CTDs and loggers, Turner Designs fluorometers and pCO2 sensors, 4Deep holographic particle imaging systems and Datawell directional wave rider buoys, to name but a few.

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