RS Aqua Ltd (Hampshire, UK) and 4-Deep (Nova Scotia, Canada) announce a distribution agreement that will see 4-Deep’s range of submersible, laboratory and handheld holographic imaging systems introduced to the UK markets.

4-Deep Holographic Microscopes

4-Deep design and manufacture in-water holographic microscope systems for real-time, in situ observations of particles and micro-organisms in all aquatic environments.   4-Deep’s submersible microscope systems can be cabled or self-contained, are rated to 6000m depth, and have been proven for real-time imaging at up to 4 knots towed/profiling with 16 images per second with 1 micron resolution.  No other system comes close in terms of real-time response or image resolution.  Laboratory and handheld microscopes from 4-Deep complement this versatile, capable and cost effective range of instruments.  In addition, various software options are available for image recording, 3D image reconstruction or automated micro-organism morphology analysis and classification.

4-Deep’s microscopes have been used by the global science community since 2008.  Recent applications include harmful algal bloom studies in the Bedford Basin by Dalhousie University, studies of flocculating particle in drinking water treatment systems, and sediment particle studies using an autonomous 4-Deep submersible microscope from the R/V Endeavor, University of Rhode Island.

UK & Ireland

RS Aqua are delighted to introduce this range of instruments to the UK.  Like all other RS Aqua products and services, these instruments are of the highest specification, are versatile, proven and properly supported locally by RS Aqua’s technical experts, and by the manufacturer for in depth queries.

Visit RS Aqua and 4Deep at Oceanology International 2016 in London.

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