Streamlined Process

Users of Datawell’s waverider buoys, the gold standard in directional wave measurement, have been able to use RS Aqua’s in-house buoy servicing and calibration services since 2013. The service we provide reduces the time and cost for UK and Irish customers compared to shipping this equipment back to the manufacturer.

New Capabilities

RS Aqua have now further developed their technical support capabilities in collaboration with Datawell.  In the unlikely event that a buoy’s sea surface temperature sensor requires maintenance, this sensor can now be repaired, replaced and calibrated by RS Aqua.  This same level of service will soon be available from RS Aqua for maintenance of Datawell’s accelerometer-based wave sensor, which is occasionally damaged by catastrophic events such as a major ship-strike.  RS Aqua provide the only Datawell-certified service and calibration centre outside of Datawell, The Netherlands.


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